The Personal eHEALTH suite

The use of smartphones, apps and social networks has entered into family life, relationships with friends, search for travel information or hobbies… but if they are working in health-care, their use has not entered into professional activity management.

Personal eHEALTH is a suite composed of software applications and it’s designed to allow access to information

  • it's guided by user needs
  • it's available on any digital platform in real time and it's accessible everywhere
  • it's designed to integrate information according to the needs of those who benefit from it, regardless of the context in which they are produced or managed
  • it's designed to foster interaction among people involved in providing a health-care service, using smart tools that safeguard data security and traceability and drive operators in their business

Personal eHEALTH aims to bring the hospital inside your smartphone, tablet, and PC; its purpose is to greatly reduce the barriers that still hinder access to information of every individual’s interest.

Personal eHEALTH increases effectiveness and immediacy in processes and the quality of work and service.

Find out the products of the Personal eHEALTH suite.

logo eClaim

eClaim® intends to provide support to management process automation and control by handling claims for refund of insurance health-care practices; also including the practices on the insurance companies internet portals that have activated their related auto-integration services.

The services reimbursement demand, carried out by a health-care facility in favor of insured patients with companies that directly provide cover the health-care cost, it’s, in fact, a necessary element for the settlement of the relevant fee and it often has criticisms of the organizational structure of the service, from an organizational point of view and its financial reflections.

In this context, eClaim® is proposed as a solution to automate redemption requests.

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The main software solution features

It monitors the business performance in real time, in terms of timing, management of suspended, expected downtime, etc.


It allows user interface configuration of the procedures that handle processes generation, management, and reporting of an insurance practice.


It automatically has the "translation" available of the services provided (trascoding) in codes and according to the rules adopted by each insurance company with the corresponding allocation of the total price of benefits provided between insurance and assisted.


It accesses to the system also from mobile devices (thanks to its responsive interface) by enabling cloud service, on certified platforms, for health data management.


It automates dialogue processes with insurance companies that make available data/document interchange computerized systems.


It guides practice management organization by automatically acquiring the relevant data that are generated by the internal information systems in use by the health-care facility.

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icona ePath

ePath® supports supports the automatic management of patient clinical paths:scheduling and booking of treatments that have to be performed, their pricing and managing multiple patient accesses.

For this purpose, it manages the performance order to be followed by the patient, in one or more days, within his Path, using an optimization engine for booking agendas which favors maximum saturation. In this context it is able, in an extremely flexible manner, to manage the pricing rules to calculate the prices of services of the chosen Paths, both in the estimate and in the final balance.

The main software solution features

Contextual and immediate booking, with a click, of all the services contained in a Path, sending confirmation to the patient via email.


Configuration of the pricing rules to calculate service prices even differentiated for each Path, managing the application of both fixed and variable tariff packages.


Management of waiting lists patients, with automatic systems that search for spaces on the agenda that can meet the request of waiting patients.


Native integration with all the features of Personal eClaim® regarding the management of patient insurance coverage, including the uploading of data / documents to insurance portals.


Support the scheduling of follow-up and / or periodic accesses of patients who have performed a Path and have to be reprogrammed, by default term, for the execution of succeeding Paths of treatment or prevention.


Optimization of available spaces in the agenda, freeing those not assigned to Path near the dates of delivery, to favor saturation through the ordinary management in favor of internal and external patients.

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logo eCare

eCare® is the solution designed to allow smart and mobile access to the staff of healthcare facilities for the elderly by providing useful information for planning and managing their professional commitments.

The solution makes it possible to make the information of interest available to everyone in an agile and fast way.

The aim is to make useful information available to everyone at all times, in a targeted and personalised way: no more printing out work lists or patient lists on paper, no more phone calls or notes to transfer information about a patient or an episode between the various operators.

The system provides an articulated integration and configuration engine able to propose to each user (e.g.: doctor, OSS, operators, etc.)::

  • immediate and simplified access to information useful to its operation
  • commitments that see him involved (ex.: appointments, surgeries) also organized in a calendar form
  • a solution for exchanging communications with colleagues, notified by the application
  • a tool to record activities to do or program with its reminder
The main software solution features

It has a unique synthesizer tool for accessing information of interest that is automatically updated.


It accesses with a responsive interface and it's usable on mobile device and also available in certified platforms clouds for managing health data.


It has a solution for the sensitive personal data that concerning data access tracing that are compliant with the national legislation and also with community legislation (mandatory since May 2018).


It allows access to relevant information from inside or from outside the health-care facility.


It manually and dynamically configures each user's permissions of the information / functions to be displayed


It streamlines information flows in the structure and creates a computerized communications management context (often verbal), tracing them appropriately.

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